Wondering Questions About Getting Turkish Citizenship

General, How to Get Citizenship in Turkey

How to get Turkish Citizenship in 2020? We have written in detail what it takes to get Turkish citizenship.

How to acquire Turkish citizenship? What are the conditions of Turkish Citizenship for 2020? What documents are required for Turkish citizenship in 2020? Where to apply for Turkish citizenship? How long does the application apply for Turkish citizenship? You can find all the questions and answers you can think of in this article;

According to the regulations dated 19.09.2018 of Turkish citizenship law changes from Turkey to the home area of ​​250 thousand dollars foreigners can receive the right to Turkish citizenship with his family. This amount was previously set at $ 1 million. Thus, foreigners can now have the right to Turkish Citizenship by purchasing real estate with an investment of 250 thousand dollars.

How to get Turkish Citizenship?

How to get Turkish citizenship? is one of the most frequently asked questions. Turkish Citizenship, Foreigners refer to themselves in the area where they live or provincial laws by representatives of provincial Directorates of Population fulfilling the legal time filling the living or exceptional circumstances in Turkey. Subsequently, the application is expected to be approved after the competent authorities and commission evaluations of the state.

Applications for Turkish citizenship should be made by careful and expert advisors. This process should be followed carefully. We apply for Turkish Citizenship through our expert immigration consultants and lawyers. We are making you a Turkish Citizen. You can get support from specialist companies such as Trem Global to benefit from our expert consultancy and application services.

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