Tips for people who can’t choose between two houses

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Many features affect your decision in buying a house. So, which criteria should people follow when trying to decide?

Can’t make up your mind between two houses?

There are houses on advert sites that you like and decided to contact the real estate agency, or even visit and see it in person. The hardest part is that you have to decide between two properties with similar features and even more importantly, similar sales prices.


Compare the demographic characteristics of the districts and the neighborhoods they are located in. Research the education level and the age distribution.

Do not forget to consider the surroundings while evaluating the location. If there are facilities like healthcare facilities, schools, transportation hubs, and mall, that location has a huge plus.


Houses that approximately have the same square meter area should be compared according to the unit square meter price. You shouldn’t compare houses that are different in size even if they are close to each other in terms of location.

Age of the building

Consider the age of the building. The age and its resistance to earthquake will effect your comparison.

Residence direction and facade If the house faces the street or a private space, and the south, its value increases by 5% -10% than the flats in the same building.

Having an elevator and parking lot

Particularly in metropolises, the houses with parking spaces are valuable than those that do not have one. Having an elevator is also another point.

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