Things to Consider Before Owning a House

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Purchasing a house is one of the most significant money related decisions for most of us. So, you have to be sure that you decided on the right property even if you found your dream house. Let’s say the location and the housing type meets your needs and dreams. So what else should you consider before buying a house?

Ensure that the building has a license of building and permit of occupation. Research whether there is any mortgage or foreclosure order.

Do not ignore the earthquake hazard. Inspect the building to see if it is damaged. Consider its age and whether it meets the earthquake regulations. If you think it is necessary, request inspection company reports.

  1. Check if the house has tax debt from previous years.
  2. Research the architect of the building.
  3. If you are purchasing a second hand and there is a tenant currently, review the lease agreement.
  4. Check whether the area of the house is the same as the one you are told. If necessary, measure the house.
  5. Ensure that stair railings and balconies are in good maintenance. Check the exterior walls, basement, roof and see if they are suitable for thermal insulation.
  6. Inspect the waterproofing to avoid problems like cracking, mold, and spilling.
  7. Don’t forget that fire escape is an important element.
  8. To ensure sustainability and environement-friendliness, efficient use of energy is important. Review the energy related documents and inspect the thermal insulation of the windows and of the building.

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