Foreigners Retiring in Turkey

How to Get Citizenship in Turkey

If you want to experience long summers, warm winters, organic food, cheap but gourmet restaurants, friendly neighbors after retirement, Turkey is the perfect spot. Additionally, the health system in the country is pretty robust, providing low-cost high-quality health care without any discrimination. How much do you need to spend your retirement days in Turkey?

You can stay in Turkey for 90 days with tourist visa. But to live there permanently, you need to obtain residence permit. You need to prove you have a house to live, private health insurance and some money in the bank.

You can apply for long-term residence after at least 8 years spent in Turkey, with less than 365 days abroad. But these are complex processes and cost a top dollar. Luckily, citizenship by investment program is here to help. Before, to obtain citizenship was possible with three years of marriage or $1 million investment. However, Turkish government introduced incentives to attract foreigners. Now, buying a house worth $250,000 grants you Turkish citizenship and passport. This incentive is for boosting the exchange circulation in Turkey, therefore it might not be available forever. It is best for people who want to have a peaceful retirement in Turkey to hurry up and choose a great property worth at least $250 k and obtain citizenship.

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