How to get Turkish Citizenship from innate?

General, How to Get Citizenship in Turkey

Turkish Citizenship acquired by birth is acquired spontaneously on the basis of the family bond and birthplace. Citizenship acquired through birth is valid from the moment of birth.

Family bond

In order to obtain Turkish Citizenship through the family bond, the points to be owned are as follows:

  • Turkey or outside Turkey, Turkish citizen mother or father within marriage child born Turkish citizen is considered.
  • The child born out of wedlock from Turkish citizen mother and foreign father, is a Turkish Citizen.
  • A child born from a Turkish citizen father and a foreign mother out of wedlock is considered a Turkish Citizen if the procedures and principles that establish the lineage are followed.

Place of birth

A child born in Turkey does not acquire the citizenship of any country’s foreign-sourced from foreign father or mother is Turkish citizens from birth. Otherwise, the child born in Turkey will be accepted born in Turkey.

How to get Turkish Citizenship later?

If the state accepts the Turkish citizenship of a foreign who want to get dual citizenship circumstances, Turkey can receive Turkish citizenship if she fulfills the conditions specified in the Citizenship law.

However, having these conditions does not justify the person in obtaining citizenship. In other words, it isn’t possible for everyone who meets the conditions to get Turkish citizenship. Because whom to give citizenship and to whom it is not given is a matter that falls under the sovereignty of states. For this reason, there is no unconditional entitlement for citizenship applications of Turkey. It isn’t sufficient reason to provide all the suitable conditions for the application. The result of the assessment and the rights are declared separately for each person.

There are different types of applications for UK citizens to get citizenship later. The people; may decide to settle in Turkey, may want to buy real estate in Turkey, may want to establish a business in Turkey, may want to invest, started the commercial and business center of Turkey may want to post. Depending on the operating permit applications work with the aim of Turkey is Turkish citizen or move documents describing the situation as later marrying someone can begin to take the process to apply for Turkish citizenship.

In order to apply for Turkish citizenship, the foreigner must be present at the governor’s office where he/she is located during the application. The foreign identity number of the person is taken as the basis for the subsequent Turkish citizenship transactions. Applications made by post are strictly not accepted. If the applicant lacks the power of discrimination and is under the age of 18, he/she can carry out the application with his/her legal guardian.

What are the requirements for application?

For foreigners who want to get Turkish Citizenship:

  • The foreigner must be mature and have the power to distinguish according to his/her national law and, if they are stateless, they have to do according to Turkish law.
  • must live past without interruption for five years from the filing date in Turkey.
  • Foreigners must be confirmed by the behavior that decided to settle in Turkey. (One or several of the following conditions to prove that he had decided to reside in Turkey are required to perform. Buy real estate in Turkey, to establish workplace in Turkey, investments in Turkey to be performed, to transfer the business center of Turkey, Turkey work over a business work permit, to marry a Turkish citizen, make a family apply for Turkish citizenship, Having completed his/her education in Turkey.)
  • Foreigners should not have a dangerous disease.
  • Foreigners should have a sense of responsibility in terms of society, to be good moral and reliable.
  • Foreigners should know sufficient Turkish.
  • Foreigners must have income or a profession to earn their living in Turkey.
  • Foreigners should not be an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

Foreigners who are wishing to obtain Turkish Citizenship may also be required to withdraw from the nationality of the state to which they belong, including the conditions listed above. The determination of the principles regarding the use of this discretion is under the authority of the Council of Ministers.

Denied Files

The file of the people whose status is stated below is rejected by the Governorate at the place of application.

  • People who don’t legally demonstrate their intention to settle in Turkey or people who are living without a legal residence permit
  • People who are applying for asylum or asylum
  • In the case of asylum seekers living in Turkey
  • Students who are residing for educational purposes
  • Foreigners who are residing for touristic purposes
  • People who are residing with their children for education
  • Habitants for medical purposes
  • People who are on trial or convicted or imprisoned for any crime

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