How does the Turkish Citizenship Application Process Progress?

General, How to Get Citizenship in Turkey

In the Turkish citizenship application processes, the investigation of the people whose files have been prepared following the conditions is carried out by the Provincial Security Directorate. The file of the person whose investigation is over is returned to the governorship. The governor’s office sends the file to the commission.

The Commission determines whether the applicant meets all of the above requirements to examine the file and conduct a mutual interview. The applicant’s family status is also examined during this interview. It is also paid attention whether it is a Turkish noble. Interview of the deaf and mute takes place with the help of an interpreter in their sign language. Literacy is carried out by writing.

If the commission’s decision is positive, the file is sent to the ministry. If the decision is negative, the file is sent to the governorship.

What are the exceptional circumstances when getting Turkish Citizenship?

Provided that the person doesn’t have an obstacle in terms of national security and public order, the foreigners stated below may obtain Turkish citizenship upon the proposal of the Ministry of Interior, the decision of the Council of Ministers.

  • People who are serving industrial installations in Turkey or people who are serving in the artistic field science, technological, economic, social, sporting, cultural, exceptional service or reasoned that people are advised about their own by the relevant ministries
  • Persons who are obliged to pass citizenship
  • People accepted as immigrants

How to get Turkish Citizenship by marriage?

You cannot directly become a Turkish Citizen by marrying a Turkish Citizen. You must have been married to a Turkish citizen for at least three years. Foreigners whose marriage continues under this condition can apply to obtain Turkish Citizenship. In the applicants;

  • The applicants must live within the family union.
  • The applicants shouldn’t engage in activities that don’t coincide with the marriage community.
  • The applicants shouldn’t have any obstacles in terms of national security and public order.

If a British citizen is married to a Turkish citizen; The first step is to apply for family reunification. People who are British citizens will have acquired the right to sign the application in Turkey. After completing the residence permit procedures and staying married for a certain period, the British citizen can apply for Turkish Citizenship.


  • In case of the death of a Turkish Citizen spouse after application, the condition of continuation of marriage is not sought.
  • If foreigners who receive Turkish Citizenship through marriage decide to end their marriage, they will continue Turkish Citizenship if they are well-intentioned in their marriage.
  • Convicts or detainees who are still on trial for any crime cannot apply.
  • If the spouse of the foreigner who wishes to obtain Turkish Citizenship has acquired Turkish Citizenship later; In calculating the time spent in marriage, the date of this spouse’s receipt of Turkish Citizenship is taken as the basis.

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