10 Fastest Growing Sectors in Turkey


An independent organization did a market research to determine the fastest growing sectors in Turkey and illustrate the future of them. Some of these sectors are stable while some are unpredictable. If you want to hear some good news regarding the economy, here is the information you need.

Ready-made Sauces

Sauces are the incredible nutrition that offers a more delicious eating experience. Ready-made sauces are becoming more widespread with every restaurant opened and are expected to get as popular as cola. According to the research, condiments are used excessively in Turkey. As the demographic consumption trend change, the demand for ready-made sauces increases. With the expansive range of Turkish dishes, sauces slowly became an irreplaceable part of our kitchens. Additionally, the hot sauces contain capsaicin which stimulated the nervous system to produce endorphins, and the consumer feels better. It is both addictive and tasty!

Pilates & Yoga Studios

The middle and upper classes in Tukey are spending money to stay fit with the new fashionable methods: yoga and pilates. Sports addicts don’t quit their habits even in times of economic recession. The 2008-2009 economic recessions did not hit Pilates and yoga studios not even a bit.

3D Printing

This industry has been around only for the last 10 years but it has developed enough to create sensation. 3D printing technologies were even on the cover of widely known magazine “Economist”. This sector has a great production potential since the risk and costs are decreased with it. Even if the 3D printed mass production is still a few years away, the producers started investing in the sector in massive amounts. The cost of these printing technologies will decrease and newer printing technologies will develop. That’s when it will become as big as the aviation industry.

Generic Drugs

With the health sector getting expensive, the demand for generic drugs is increasing. They are less expensive than branded drugs and are not protected by patents. That’s why they are very appealing the industry keeps growing.

Tanning Products

Consumers now are searching new healthier ways to tan rather than using solarium studios. As tanning by sunbathing is considered unhealthy, a new industry was born: tanning products. Today, wide ranges of quality tanning products that allow people to have a tanned skin are widely used.

Private Universities

In the last 10 years, the private university sector is steadily growing. The workforce in Turkey is well-educated and quality and the education is considered an important element in hiring. More private universities are being established to meet the demand for high-quality education.

Game Apps

Even though this sector did not exist until 10 years ago, it showed a stable growth as the social media, internet use and smart phones became widely popular. Consumers want to connect with others and have more affordable entertainment resources. The game app sector is expected to grow even more as we proceed in the age of internet.

Online Sales

Coronavirus did not hit the online shops. They became popular in the last decade and with the coronavirus they are now maybe the number one sector to invest in. New technologies such as virtual shopping made consumers feel more confident in buying items online and it is foreseen that online shopping will continue to be a profitable sector.

Green and Sustainable Building Construction

As the clime change issues became to be present on the agenda of the whole world, some precautionary steps are being taken by many sectors, particularly construction. Yet, the reason why it got so popular is not to prevent the release of greenhouse gasses. Sustainable buildings are great alternatives to maintain the cost effectiveness as the energy prices rise. It is expected that green and sustainable building construction will protect our world and reduce the energy costs in the future.

Solar Panels

Fossil fuels are expensive and the demand for cheaper alternatives keeps growing. Not only is it more economic financially but also more environment-friendly. Additionally, many countries across the world support green energy and solar panels producers.

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